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Ray J Discharged From Hospital After Pneumonia Scare


According to a report by TMZ, Ray was released from the hospital over the weekend and he’s also stopped using an inhaler and isn’t on oxygen anymore.

Ray J was admitted earlier this month, where doctors discovered he had pneumonia and assumed he had COVID too. Ray tested negative for the virus and was eventually moved out of the COVID wing, but was super scared.

Reports from the media say Ray thinks his busy schedule and constant travel were to blame for his illness, and now he’s realized he needs to take care of his health.

At the heat of his battle with pneumonia, Ray thought he was going to die, and now he’s just thankful to have made it out.

In other related news, Ray filed to divorce Princess Love while he was hospitalized, the third time the couple’s walked down the divorce aisle.

There are suggestions that things haven’t changed with Princess Love from Ray’s side, the divorce is still on and the filing wasn’t influenced by his pneumonia issues, it was the result of ongoing problems in their marriage.

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