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Chelsea defender Andreas Christensen called “best in the world”

If someone called a Chelsea centre back the best in the world, your mind would probably jump to Thiago Silva, given the career hes had, or maybe even Antonio Rudiger, who has had an incredible 12 months.

But in this case, its the quiet man Andreas Christensen who is getting the attention ahead of his more esteemed teammates.

SportWitness have translated quoted from Thomas Frank, the Brentford manager who knows AC well from the Danish youth teams, where he say exactly that:

He is one of the best defenders in the world at the moment. He has always been enormously intelligent on the pitch, meaning very quick to anticipate all situations offensively and defensively, Frank explained.

He is technically hugely strong for a defender in terms of bringing the ball forward, passing and making good choices. He is also foresighted and fast at the same time, so its almost the complete package.

For along time Christensen clearly had all the tools, but just couldnt put it all together. Now hes in a defence that really functions well, and hes able to shine as we always knew he could.

Frank has long seen his potential “ as could Chelsea fans “ but now finally we are all seeing him head towards that impressive ceiling. If only he could add a few goals to his game¦ or even just one goal.

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