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‘Dune,'' on big and little screens, tops N.America box office
LOS ANGELES – New sci-fi thriller “Dune,” a classic that almost demanded big-screen treatment, topped the North American box office this weekend with a take estimated at $40.1 million, industry watcher Exhibitor Relations reported Sunday. With an all-star cast led by Timothee Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguso...  - Oct 24
Vaccine mandate being used to gut America''s weapons research assets by firing top scientists at Los Alamos
That's okay. Continue with my Gmail address... Nuclear weapons may be one of those things we, as members of the human race, may wish we could un-invent, but they are here now, have been for decades, and they are now a vital part of our national security. But the current regime is hell-bent on destroying even this advan...  - Oct 22, 2021
Why Plans to Turn America's Rust Belt Into a New Plastics Belt Are ... ›
By Sharon KellyThe petrochemical industry anticipates spending a total of over $200 billion on factories, pipelines, and other infrastructure in the U.S. that will rely on shale gas, the American Chemistry Council announced in September. Construction is already underway at many sites.This building spree would dramatica...  - Oct 22, 2021
Drought in Central America's dry corridor
By Miranda Cady HallettClouds of dust rose behind the wheels of the pickup truck as we hurtled over the back road in Palo Verde, El Salvador. When we got to the stone-paved part of the road, the driver slowed as the truck heaved up and down with the uneven terrain. Riding in the back bed of the truck, Ruben (not his re...  - Oct 22, 2021
Families fleeing gang violence in Central America seek refuge at Holiday Inn in Wembley
Rosa Eugenio Cáceres-Barker, originally from Madrid, is using her native Spanish to come to the aid of these families, who she says 'are in desperate need of help'. Speaking to MyLondon, Rosa, who has lived in the capital for 26 years, said: "These are people who, if they went back to their home countri...  - Oct 21, 2021
ANALYSIS: Food rationing to be announced in America, followed by FOOD RIOTS and social unrest… Biden regime will invoke martial law in 2022
That's okay. Continue with my Gmail address... This is an analysis based on current data points and trends, including the collapse of agricultural fertilizer production (affecting crop yields throughout 2022), the collapse of the supply chain for agricultural machinery parts (no parts for tractors, planters, combines, ...  - Oct 21, 2021
America is now a “theater of WAR” with open warfare being waged against the people by their own corrupt, treasonous leaders
That's okay. Continue with my Gmail address... The Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) has ushered in a “new normal” that is perhaps best described as medical communism. Each person’s health, we are told, is dependent upon every other person’s health. If one person gets “vaccinated,” for ex...  - Oct 20, 2021
COVID vaccine mandate lunacy: If you sneak into America from Canada or Mexico, you don''t need a vaccine but if traveling legally, you do
That's okay. Continue with my Gmail address... When Donald Trump was in office and touting his “Operation Warp Speed” program aimed at bringing the country COVID vaccines in record time, Democrats — including then-presidential contender Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris — said they wo...  - Oct 20, 2021
Amazon caught throwing away food even as supply chain woes threaten to starve America
That's okay. Continue with my Gmail address... Jeff Bezos’ tech monopoly is throwing away thousands of pounds of food every single day, according to an anonymous whistleblower within the company who says the delivery giant is running an inefficient, unsustainable and highly wasteful business. The insider says tha...  - Oct 20, 2021
RED ALERT as America now just nine meals away from ANARCHY… massive civil unrest PROVOKED on purpose
That's okay. Continue with my Gmail address... America is being deliberately plunged into a “Dark Winter” of famine, energy collapse, hyperinflation and medical martial law. Over the next several months, we are going to witness: I’ll be covering these issues in more detail in tomorrow’s Situatio...
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