3news.com  - Oct 24
Glofert Fertilizer to the rescue of Ghanaian farmers as China bans export of product
Glofert Fertilizer blending plant is the biggest fertilizer blending company in the country with a daily production capacity of 2400 metric tonnes per day, spanning three shifts to produce about 48,000 bags of fertilizers a day. Glofert Fertilizer blending plant is a public private company under the aegis of the govern...
scmp.com  - Oct 24
Why its time for China to revive debate over death penalty
Published: 3:30am, 25 Oct, 2021 Updated: 3:30am, 25 Oct, 2021
scmp.com  - Oct 24
China passes border security law amid ongoing tensions with India
scmp.com  - Oct 24
Coronavirus: northern China battens down to contain outbreaks
wionews.com  - Oct 23, 2021
China has been breaching Nepal-China border rules in Humla: Report
A recent study conducted by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Nepal has found several issues along the Nepal-China border in Humla district. Local media houses have reported that a panel was formed to conduct an on-field study of the area to weed out any problems. The report, submitted to Home Minister Bal Krishna Khand,...
naturalnews.com  - Oct 23, 2021
China places additional restrictions on fertilizer exports to safeguard own fertilizer stocks as supplies dwindle
That's okay. Continue with my Gmail address... Fertilizer prices are being spurred on by ongoing energy crises in Europe, China and elsewhere. The cost increase comes just as global food prices hit a 10-year high. (Related: THE WORLD GOES HUNGRY: Fertilizer prices projected to reach near-record high in 2022.) The Gen...
scmp.com  - Oct 23, 2021
China passes new law ordering parents to lift ˜pressures on children
scmp.com  - Oct 23, 2021
China warns Britain to ˜think twice about Aukus
scmp.com  - Oct 23, 2021
G7 says no place for ˜state-sponsored forced labour in veiled dig at China
scmp.com  - Oct 23, 2021
China star Guo set for CBA return after paying fines for wearing Jordan brand
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