#ArtetaOut? You should see what Everton fans have in store for Monday

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Incredibly, after Arsenals narrow defeat to Man United at Old Trafford on Thursday, the hashtag #ArtetaOut was trending like mad on Twitter, but remember this is after Arsenal have only lost away at Old Trafford and are yet still placed in 5th place in the League table.

Arsenal fans though haveextremely high expectations, and like to compare ourselves with the Liverpools, City, United and Chelsea, and nothing less will suffice.

So today I would like you to spare a thought for our opponents on Monday, Everton, who were once considered a powehouse of English football. Back in the 80s Everton won 2 League titles, an FA cup, 3 Charity Shields and a European Cup-Winners Cup..

In the 90s they only won one FA Cup in 1994/5, managed by Toffees legend Joe Royle, when they beat Man United in the Final.

Since then they have had nothing at all, and the fans have become slightly even more frustrated than Arsenal fans, and crave for a return to the former glory days.

Recently Everton have appointed successful managers like Carlo Ancelotti, and now Rafa Benitez, but they are currently in a lassive run of awful form, without a win in 8 games, and the Toffess supporters groups have all got together to organize a protest against the Board and owner during the game against Arsenal. They want all the fans to hold a mass walkout after 27 minutes of the game, the 27 meaning the amount of years since they won that FA Cup, their very last trophy.

The supporters statement reads: 27 years without a trophy is unacceptable.

Show your feet on 27 minutes during the game against Arsenal on Monday evening and leave your seat.

Lets show that the incompetence from the top at Everton Football Club cannot continue.

So maybe Arsenal fans dont have it so bad really. In fact if Gooners demanded a walkout in those same terms, we would all have to leave in the third minute! lol.

Farhad Moshiri’s football knowledge seems no better than a common Everton fan’s, hence he keeps appointing popular managers simply because of their experiences and big names. Football is dynamic and always changing, so the owner shouldn’t have focused on the past achievements of the managers and the players

Moshiri has allegedly held face-to-face talks with David Moyes, then changed his mind after hearing that Ancelotti was available. He repeated his mistake by signing Benitez, another highly experienced manager

And a couple of months ago an idiot here called me stupid, just because I made an honest opinion about Benitez 😂

How on earth can you say that, we are totally different teams? Everton haven’t been a top 6 club for years and years, they still aren’t. They signed Benitez a top manager in the summer and have spent pennies, he has been their for 13 or so games, albeit not the form they should be in, he didn’t buy the majority of his team. We were a top four club not more than three seasons ago, hired a rookie manager, spent massively and 2 years later are still struggling to get back into top 4. Both clubs are a long way from their goals but one is way further down the process, than the other. Maybe it didn’t work out but how foolish to say signing Ancelloti and Benitez, shows that the owner or the fans know nothing about football, as if ours does.

Fun fact: Everton have spent more than £500m on new players since 2016. Experience is important, but the manager’s devotion to the club, technical skills, up-to-date knowledge and adaptability to new technology are also important

Moyes’ love for Everton was unquestionable. But Moshiri chose to hire managers with much shinier curriculum vitaes, as a corporation usually does when hiring a new employee

This is no different than a common fan, who just looks at the final scoreline and the past achievements of a player or manager. If Moshiri can find someone who really cares about Everton, has some experience and possesses up-to-date skills, I bet Everton will perform better in EPL

gai Everton have some top players injured so don’t start crowing just yet

😆 in the third minute that would be bunkers.. but hey I personally will not stop anyone staging a walk out on the third minute.. neither will I judge em it’s their opinion innit.

Lol yeah, but do you think Everton fans would be protesting if they won the FACup 3 years ago?

I certainly don’t think so nor do I think they will be moaning half as much as we are given our league position the initial plan was to get back in to the top six but right now everyone is saying a top four finish is possible.. so yeah maybe a three minutes walk out to show ambition is always welcomed.

@Pat, So is Everton the bench mark for us now?? arsenal is way bigger then Everton and we had a glorious past so don’t compare us to Everton fans and justify Arteta as our manager. Dan is right, our fans standards are dropping every day. What next are you going to compare us to Southampton next season?

People are annoyed because we have lost 5 matches, the same as Burnley!!

Arteta has spent over £200m and yes we can see an improvement, but there are big money players who cant seem to adapt to his ideas, either that or they don’t want to.

I’m talking, Aubameyang, Pepe, Lacazette, and Partey. You really expect more from over £220m worth of investment. I don’t expect much from squad players like Holding £2m, Elneny £6m, Cedric Free, Mari £9m. But our academy products and cheap buys are basically showing up the big guns.


#Ignorantfansout …from MY club

Everton are in a totally different position than us, the manager they have is a top top manager who has not had the investment yet and he has only been in a short while, working with an average team, he inherited. Our Manager hasn’t the experience and has had a massive investment, so results are expected. Both managers are under pressure but for different reasons. We should beat Everton easy in their present position, they haven’t spent, compared to us.

Reggie should if we turn up and Everton don’t

No Sue p, i am stating fact. He joined this last summer, had very little investment and it is most definitely not his team. Im not defending him just stating he/ they are in a totally different place to us/Arteta.

But for the record, their last 8 games are unacceptable.

The team choice, especially Elneny, I am sure surprised everybody. Very deflating choice. It did look like Arteta ‘bottled’ it. I hope we beat Everton, or Arteta will be on thin ice again.

Adajim, why did Elneny start ahead of others. Arteta said it was because he had been training well. What does that have to do with anything. You and some others argue that he had a very good game. How do you define that criteria, how many opposition attacks did he break down, how many balls did he win back from the opposition and how many defence splitting passes did he successfully make or even try to make. Partey at least tried but clearly from what we have seen doesn’t have it in his skills set. In the long run Why is Elneny still at Arsenal when our midfield has long been crying out for capable reinforcement who can drag the club back into the top four.

Sean Williams With West Ham beating Chelsea Arteta would be on thin ice if we lose

I feel for the Evertonians, I really do. You can’t polish a turd springs to mind..

Sue, I may have a complete meltdown should we lose that game. A win or nothing we need to be in top 4 by Monday night, I want to have a screen of table with arsenal in top 4, and I feel the only opportunity is this weekend

But West ham are beating Chelsea, so we can forget that wish

Yes dont rely on wet spam folding!!!! A proper football team!!!!!

Reg, did you see Mendys penalty giveaway lol.

Yes and his flap for the last.

Agree Sue!

Sue You are so right I feel for the manager I hope they give him money in January Nice man Good manager

OT.. Come on you Irons!! What a game.. what a goal from Bowen (points in my FPL team ðŸ)

Moyes – manager of the season contender surely!!

He got my vote last season sue for manager of the year .

Credit where it’s due, Dan. He’s got his team doing [week in week out] everything I wish we were doing!

That is what thinking fans would be expected to do, UNLESS they do not wish us to make fourth place.

Seems to me you would rather West Ham make it than us. ODD!!

They are ahead of us all, including Utd and spur, serious top 4 contenders this season imo

Slap on the wrist for you Sue 🙄

They are 4 points clear of us, and played a game more, very similar defensive record conceded 19 goals and us 20. Their attack is only the perceived difference having scored lots more than us, The reason IMO why we are not fourth is our pi*s poor forwards at this time. If we beat Everton on Monday which I expect us to do 1 point behind them, so to say they Moyes is delivering each weak, might be true, but are we really that bad as a team?¦ I do understand we are a bigger club and a bigger budget but we have a new manager compared to the vastly experienced moyes. I think we will get 5th spot this season possibly 4th, I think westham will be like Leicester and drop out of contention come march.. but its all guess work for now¦..

Sue well said West Ham are playing good football and at the end of the day that’s what people pay to see

Jon, what nonsense. We should not need to rely on othera to do us favors.

If we juat do the same to top 4 teams as they have done, then we wpuld not need to hope for others to help us out.

what weak loser mentality.

But we do have a little hope of top four. It is widely accepted throughout all the football world that the Prem has one race for the top three and another different race for those several clubs all chasing fourth place.

That was ALL my original post in reply to Sue was saying.

jon, surely Arsenal fans like Sue can show clas and appreciate the efforts of West Ham?

Sue Man-Utd sacked him too soon Never had a chance there Very Good Manager

2 years in and we are not in my opinion a top 6 team ¦ that is there are 3 teams other than the leaders who will finish above us if arteta stays in charge for rest of season ¦ Everton havent contended for anything for decades so really dont care what their fans think .., our sad truth is that too many fans continue to put faith in a novice who is clearly out of his depth

And also include the absurd amount of money spent. I don’t understand our owner’s mentality we are spending on our squad but don’t want to get a decent manager in when we had real good ones available. We should have gone for Touchel, Conte and even now if we can lure zizu but nope we will give millions of pounds to an inexperience failure of a manager and allow him to complete his contract even though under him we have broken all wrong records.

Tbh Everton are a club that should not be where they are. They have a decent first 11 but as sue said above no depth.

We are being let down by our so called star players. The ones with experience who should be pushing us on. Auba has to be dropped, 5 games without a goal and missing 2 absolute sitters in the last 2 games. He adds nothing now that his goals have dried up, and he become detrimental to the squad.

Yes Arteta has seen over 200 million of investment go into the squad, it will take an additional 200m to get us back in the mix. To be in the top 4 you really need to be challenging for the title. So we need squads that are comparative to that of Chelsea, Utd, City and Liverpool. We need a few world class experienced players to mix with the youngsters. I think this is the first time in generations that Arsenal haven’t had a world class striker and it shows.

Yeah we lost to Utd but they were very fortunate the game deserved a draw. Utd were lucky to beat us when we severely underperformed on the night and Auba let us down again. Another bright performance from Martinelli again I think he needs to be given Aubas spot. So what if he doesn’t score he provides the energy needed to defend from the front something our captain doesn’t do.

At the moment there are 3-4 teams were not going to beat and for now whe have to be patient. Were mid rebuild and I’d expect a strong finish this season. Then providing we get the right players in, a title push next season

I will ask you next season when we do the title push hahaha 😂😂. They are really smoking some weird stuff at Emirates lol!. Every season we are told next season next transfer window. Arteta’s contract will expire but we will never see that greatness and that title push some of you guys claim. We were supposed to be doing great things this year as well as we don’t have Europe to play in so our players should have been fresh and we should have had a go at title like Liverpool did when they went out of Europe. This was one of many excuses pro Arteta group gave now where are they.

Arteta out# is the right call. By 2 yrs of charge there should have been obvious improvement. In football there is no project called 5 yrs or 10 yrs. In 5 yrs time some important players will leave, some will be sold , some will be injured, some will retire, some will age down n lose form. There’s always twist and turn and it’s no mathematics. Klopp achieved 4th place in 2nd season. Guardiola, Zidane, Tuchel immediately improved their team. There might still be countless examples so we don’t want to get dragged and dragged just in the name of project. Now is the time we start getting results, no more excuses please otherwise we have to rightly call for #Arteta out#

Do you guys actually receive emails notifying you that there was a reply or follow-up comment to your post? I always check that box but have never received an email. Nothing in Spam either.

No, never happens


I wonder if those Twitter fans are the majority? I doubt they are. Not all of us are having a meltdown. We still support the Manager and Trust the Process. If there’s anyone we should be venting our frustrations on it is Aubamayeng. Remember he was chosen as captain by the players. So removing him and benching him might upset the dressing room. This situation is fragile. We need to hold our senior players accountable for their poor conduct.

Yeah Dan that’s all it is another excuse so the club can continue fobbing off supporters making them believe Arteta is the next pep and once the kids grow up this Arsenal team will be unstoppable lol west ham didn’t need much of process did they?

The usual scapegoats Xhaka and Leno are not playing so why am I not surprised the mantle has been forced on Aubameyang by the usual excuse makers?

Dboy, We are where we are because of fans like you, who just want blind support for the club and want others to accept this mediocrity. A lot of Arteta support group when failed with all the valid arguments use to say atleast we are not getting thumped by city & Liverpool, we loose 1-0 or 2-0 now that seems to be out of the window this season as well. Nothing has changed we just won few games against poor sides and all of a sudden Arsenal fans were calculating how we will make top 4 and Areta became untouchable again. We still play awful football with no rythm, players are still underperforming under Arteta although we now have changed whole the squad and club has really backed him in summer transfer window. What excuse now?? Oh I know give him 2-3 years our players are new so they need time to jel and they are young 😂😂

Admin Pat, many of us who would like to see Arteta and co. out, feel so because we do not want to see Arsenal stand still like Everton. Some of us even remember the days when Everton won League titles. Apparently the legend is that when Everton rebuilt their grand stand some years ago the trophy cabinet was especially measured so that it could also fit European trophies. I don’t think they’ve even won an FA Cup since. Their fans are incredibly patient but where has it got them.

Last year we won trophies no one has remembered!

I am taken aback by the reaction of some of our people to Jon’s comments. What wrong has he done? As Jon aptly put it, he uses logic to look at issues based on the prevailing situation. This is what some prudent people call football politics. You analyse your situation correctly and decide who is your immediate rival for positions at the time. This is called dynamic as opposed to static thinking. Thus any wise person will not hold fixed positions which are not backed by logic and expediency. I believe Jon has done that and he doesn’t deserve that harsh criticism.

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