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Just when you think youve seen it all in the world of robot vacuums, yeedi will continue to introduce more features at crazy low prices. The latest model in their selection of robot cleaning devices is the yeedi vac 2 series, which comes in a standard and pro version. While building on the success of their previous vacuums, yeedi introduces new ways to keep your floors spotless, like oscillating mopping and improved obstacle avoidance. Starting at only $349.99, the yeedi vac 2 and vac 2 pro vacuum, mop, self empty and do everything else that you need for a complete automated solution.

veedi vac 2

Clean every type of floor with one robot, as the yeedi 2 pro can effortlessly switch modes to accommodate your different surfaces. The smart mopping system and 3000Pa strong suction power vacuum and mop work simultaneously to scrub off stains from wood, tile, or laminate floors and suck up dirt from both carpet and hard floor.

veedi vac 2

Now you can handle wet and dry messes in one cleaning session, without the need to swap out any parts. The self-emptying station can be purchased to further automate the process, allowing your robot to return to the dock and dispose of the collected dust, without you having to touch anything. Then its back on the job with the next scheduled cleaning session. The 2.5L bag easily collects 30 days of dust before requiring a change.

If you need a quick clean for an accidental spill, take advantage of the smart home compatibility to use voice control and assign a quick clean to a specific room. Use your yeedi vac 2 pro with both Google and Alexa smart home systems.

Looking for a deeper clean? The yeedi vac 2 pro includes an oscillating mopping module. This will give the mop the ability to scrub back and forth during the mopping session. Difficult messes will be cleaned with ease when you upgrade to this powerful new system.

veedi vac 2

When you use mopping mode, the vacuum will automatically avoid any carpet, so you dont need to worry about the wrong surfaces getting wet. Customize the water flow level to your preference, using the intuitive yeedi app.

While obstacle avoidance has always been an issue with robot vacuums, yeedi finally tackles this subject for good with 3D obstacle avoidance. No need to pick up before you clean, with the 3D obstacle avoidance technology that can sense and dodge daily objects. Avoid shoes, pet bowls, toys, socks, and anything else that gets in its way. This will be very beneficial for people with children and pets.

veedi vac 2

Using smart visual mapping technology, this vacuum will scan your home and create a detailed map. You can fine-tune and control this map through the yeedi app, which allows you to have full control over scheduled cleanings of different rooms. All of this is powered by a large-capacity battery which will give you 240 minutes of runtime on a single charge. This is the perfect solution for people with large homes and lots of surface area to clean.

Get the latest technology in robot vacuum cleaners by buying a yeedi vac 2 or vac 2 pro today.

Get the yeedi vac 2 for $349.99 at:

Get the yeedi vac 2 Pro for $449.99 at:

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