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Kano Emirate Crisis: Court Rules In Favour Of Dethroned Emir
Osun Defender  Jun 13, 2024      

Justice Liman Mohammed of the Federal High Court, Kano State, has ruled in favour of the dethroned Emir, Aminu Ado Bayero as the court declared that the dethroned Emir has jurisdiction to be heard.

In a judgement delivered on Thursday, the Federal High Court declared that it has jurisdiction over the dispute regarding the Kano Emirate tussle.

Justice Mohammed stated that his court has the authority to consider the lawsuit brought by Aminu Babba Dan Agundi on behalf of Ado Bayero as the applicants assertions were based on violations of basic rights rather than chieftaincy matters.

The judge submitted that on the basis of that, his court possesses the inherent authority to consider, listen to, and come to conclusions on the matter.

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The case filed by the kingmaker, Aminu Baba Dan Agundi, is that of a fundamental human rights case in the emirate tussle.

He added that the federal high court has the authority to consider the case initially and retains that authority to proceed with the ongoing hearing.

The development comes days after a Kano State High Court, ordered substituted service on Bayero and four other emirs in a case filed by the Kano State Government, to restrain them from parading themselves as emirs.

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