Whistleblower confesses that Democrats paid him $45,000 to help steal Georgia elections­

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Ben Armstrong revealed on his show “The Ben Armstrong Show” that a whistleblower came forward to confess about his involvement in the Georgia election fraud. Armstrong said surveillance videos of people stuffing drop boxes with ballots in the state are no longer new, but the emergence of a whistleblower getting paid by Democrats to commit election fraud is a huge deal.

“He said that he was paid $10 a ballot, making $45,000 between November 3 and the runoff elections. This means he harvested 4,500 ballots,” Armstrong said.

While accusing the courts of not hearing this kind of cheating because the state legislatures aren’t acting upon the evidence, Armstrong also slammed members of the Republican Party, saying theres not enough good Republicans willing to do something except talking about what happened. (Related: Georgia election worker caught openly switching Trump votes to Biden.)

“They like to have committees, they like to let the information out and let you know. But they don’t really ever have any substance to show ‘this is what we’ve done,'” said Armstrong.

In a scathing criticism of the Republican Party, Armstrong said he expects the party not to do anything. “The Republican Party has shown that it can’t do anything about major issues like this because there are too many RINOs [Republicans in Name Only],” said Armstrong, who noted that the problem is the non-Christian men who run as Republicans.

“They may say they are [Christians], but they are not. They run as a Republican for whatever reason, usually a financial reason, because they think they’re gonna get rich as a politician,” Armstrong said. “They don’t do what’s right, because they don’t really fear God. To rely on those people is a joke. They will always backstab us.”

Armstrong said that the non-Christian Republicans don’t believe in conservative ideas and are the biggest cowards of all.

“If they’re not good, strong Christian men, they’re not going to stand up to tyranny, because they’re worldly men, they will do what the world does, because Satan will scare the crap out of them mentally, and make them do what Satan does, owns the world, said Armstrong, who stressed that if  you’re a Christian, you’re not owned by Satan. “But if you’re not a Christian, you’re going to end up doing what Satan wants.”

Armstrong said good Republicans will stand up, but he cannot promise that they will do something about the stolen election. “I promised you that we will prove that Donald Trump won and the election was stolen. We have proven it. Everyone knows it. Anyone who says it’s not true is a flat out liar. They have to be lying, or they’re a Democrat. And so they just want to say that to lie to themselves to make themselves feel better. But everybody knows, Democrats know, Republicans know, we’ve proven it.”

Armstrong mockingly called Joe Biden as the most popular president in American history. “Look at his polls, he’s the most popular president to ever be elected. Maybe it’s because millions and millions of votes that were cast were fake. Maybe that’s why he’s so unpopular right now, even though he’s supposed to have received way more votes than any other person in the history of America.” (Related: Massive influx of Biden-only votes in Georgia statistically PROVES a stolen election.)

He pointed to Arizona doing something to prevent cheating like using special paper for the ballots. “It’s going to make it extremely hard to be able to stuff the ballots in Arizona going forward. And there will be only a certain number of ballots printed,” said Armstrong.

By doing so, Armstrong said cheaters can’t make copies and stuff ballots because the authorities will know how many ballots were put out and how many ballots were available in certain areas.

“They shouldn’t be decertifying the election in Arizona, there’s been overwhelming evidence, the audio audit proved it. But the liberal media lied and said, ‘Well, when you take all the fraudulent votes in Arizona and run them through a machine in a recount, Joe Biden still wins.’ Yeah, because you’re counting all the fraudulent stuffed ballots,” Armstrong said. (Related: Theres no way Biden won Georgia “ Heres why)

He added that he was amazed by what happened in Georgia where regulation says that a camera should be monitoring 24/7 every drop box. “They caught hundreds of Democrats stuffing the ballots with only 15 percent of those tapes, because the rest 85 percent of the tapes, they got rid of. They didn’t hold on to them, even though by law they were supposed to hold on to them. They did not hold on to them. Thats really amazing.”

Footage revealed a certain Ruby Freeman as one of the four workers caught on camera scanning the same batch of ballots at least three times, which is highly illegal. Surveillance camera showed these poll workers watched and waited until the GOP observers and reporters had left the room before they resumed scanning their ballots.

The scanning went uninterrupted for over three hours and lasted until 1 a.m. Georgia election officials dismissed the evidence though no explanation was given on why Freeman scanned the same ballots multiple times. It’s still also unclear why they remained behind while the rest of the building was evacuated.

Experts say they could easily account for the sudden and mysterious spike in votes for Joe Biden. Armstrong agreed. “That’s what they were doing. That’s just the ones that caught on tape. With only 15 percent of the surveillance tapes being available to look at, we don’t really know how much they’ve stolen,” said Armstrong.

He hit the mainstream media for staying silent despite the astronomical evidence. “The media will always tell you there’s no evidence. No one’s ever seen any evidence. It’s mind blowing that they would even try to say that,” Armstrong said.

Watch the full video of the “Ben Armstrong Show” below.

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