Plucom Cloud Solution is offering Hybrid Cloud Solution for businesses by  implementation and deployment of business applications, data storage connectivity, data backup, application hosting, accessing and processing of critital business data covering ERP, CRM, Financials, HCM.

Cloud computing has become the ideal way to deliver enterprise applications—and the preferred solution for companies extending their infrastructure or launching new innovations. Cloud computing is an abstraction of compute, storage, and network infrastructure assembled as a platform on which applications and systems can be deployed quickly and scaled on the fly. Crucial to cloud computing is self-service: Users can simply fill in a web form and get up and running. The vast majority of cloud customers consume public cloud computing services over the internet, which are hosted in large, remote data centers maintained by cloud providers. The most common type of cloud computing, SaaS (software as service), delivers prebuilt applications to the browsers of customers who pay per seat or by usage, Next in line is IaaS (infrastructure as a service), which offers vast, virtualized compute, storage, and network infrastructure upon which customers build their own applications, often with the aid of providers’ API-accessible services.

Plucom cloud computing software-as-as-service platforms is portforlio of enterprise cloud applications and web services that is helping individual and businesses to connect with customers and finances,  manage operations, workflows and resources from anywhere. It's an affordable software services with flexible plan and pricing suitable for everyone.

A hybrid cloud is the integration of a private cloud with a public cloud. At its most developed, the hybrid cloud involves creating parallel environments in which applications can move easily between private and public clouds. In other instances, databases may stay in the customer data center and integrate with public cloud applications—or virtualized data center workloads may be replicated to the cloud during times of peak demand. The types of integrations between private and public cloud vary widely, but they must be extensive to earn a hybrid cloud designation.

See below list of our software-as-aservice (SaaS) cloud computing platform that may benefit your enterprise

  • FinServ
  • RentPro
  • CarePro
  • RadServ
  • ProcureAgent
  • OneBusiness
  • PointOfSales
  • CloudHotel
  • CloudSchool

Plucom Web Services is the Nigeria’s leading cloud services provider with most comprehensive services and features. We are offering over 100 services and features to our customer globally. Our customers cut across all industries using different services and features to solve problems everyday, simplify operation ang grow their business across board.

All our services and applications offers most comprehensive features and functionalities with fast and easy deployment and accessibility on a secured platform. Our products and services are easy to implement, easy to use and user friendly.

Plucom Web Services is reliable and secured with useful and important applications services various industries such as FinTech, Hospitality, Healthcare, etc. Our cloud ERP software services is good in customer management, suppliers management, customer relationship management, human capital management, procurement management and much more

Scalability of our services and applications make it easy for our customer to select and pay for services they wish to use now and add more later.

All our services are available on cloud as SaaS and can also be deployed on-premise as an hybrid cloud integration services.

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