Conveniently manage properties, tenants, landlords, rents, sales, mortgage, maintenance, work order, billing, invoice, payments with integrated financial accounting, ledgers, bank reconciliations and management reports. Seamlessly connect property managers, landlords, tenants, buyers, sellers and associates.

RentPro is customizable, easy-to-use, low cost and effective. You can choose which module you want implement. If you are a landlord, property agent, real estate manager, estate management consultant or properrty development company , RentPro is the best choice for you.

Advanced web-based property management
RentPro is an advanced web-based property management software built on a world-class, multi-tiered architecture. It allows you to efficiently leverage your productivity without compromising the quality of your service. It enables you to store in one place property portfolio records which are optimized for fast searching and collaboration. Later you can get insights from statistics and reports.

Integrated Financial Accounting
Fully integrated comprehensive accounting functionalities include majority fearures that deal with financial management. RentPro support cash or accrual accounting as well as basic balance sheet, general ledgers and invoices. Accouting tasks are breaks down into basic steps, enabling Realtors with limited accounting knowledge to complete even the most complex tasks.

Sophisticated Property Management Solution
RentPro is a sophisticated property management application that helps in starting rents, renew rents, move-out tenants and view upcoming due, due and over due rents. It offers property management with ease, consistency and accuracy. Featuring powerful and fully integrated reporting tools, our solution offers you a clear insight into organizational resources, minimizing the time spent by staff on day-to-day administration.

Property Maitenance & Work Order
Property maintenance modules help real estate manager to store information on maintenance services, maintenance contracts and  work schedules. It offers start maintenance, renew maintenance, generate maintenance report,  job schedule and reports. It empowers officers in charge of maintenance ge have access to information required for them fullfill theirt job responsibilities.

RentPro Featues & Modules

RentPro is comprehensive with over 300 core features, which make it a powerful property mangement tool.RentPro is an advanced cloud-based property management software solution built on a world-class, multi-tiered architecture. It allows you to efficiently leverage your productivity without compromising the quality of your service. Built on a robust, lightweight, and scalable web architecture, it is the property management solution tool of choice.

  • Properties File Management 
  • Property Owners Account Management
  • Properties Units Management
  • Tenant Record Management
  • Property Buyers Account Management
  • Vendors Account Management
  • Rents Managament
  • Billing
  • Invoicing & Reciepting 
  • Payment Posting
  • Expenses
  • Integrated Financial Accounting
  • Property Sales & Mortgage
  • Contact Manager
  • SMS & Email Communication
  • Customers Invoice & Statements
  •  Reporting & Analytics
  • Financial Reports 
  • Management Reports
  • Audit Trail
  • Document Management
  • Unlimted Properties
  • Unlimited Invoice
  • Customization
  • Cloud Hosting
  • 24/7 Support and Update
  • Data Backu Protection
  • Secured Access

Purchasing and implementing RentPro is only the beginning. Once your portal is up and running, support becomes key to long-term success.

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