Simplify business processes workflow approval for control and efficiency.

Simplify business processes for control and efficiency. Our solution is an end-to-end approval process automation for Payments, Expenses, Requisitions, Documents and Much More. Help your organization to reduce cost and achieve greater transparency.

Our workflow management system is customizable and be design to suit the need for business process approval flow you intend to implement for you organization. Also allows customizable approval matrix, you can setup automatic approval flow or allow user to select the next approval levelson, oil and gas, etc.

Simplify process automation for requistions and request approval, payment approval, expenses approval, budget approval, items approval, logistic process flow, change management, IT resources management, human resources management and much more. Web-based, customizable, end-to-end process management solution that will helps reduce costs and achieve greater transparency.

Eliminate paper approval and go fully digital.

No need to print out documents at every level of approval process. With our workflow management system, all transactions perform digitalally either on your desktop, laptop, smart phone and tablets. Raising request, approving request and document transfers, all these process are done on the system up until submission and approval.

Manage organizational spending through the efficient, cost-effective approval management

Workflow management is an end-to-end integrated system providing seamless integration into your existing corporate infrastructure and systems. It incorporates a best of breed approach to systems design and functionality. Control centric to allow data accuracy yet flexibly deployed to recognize the needs of the users in different departments.

Also, it helps you better manage organizational spending through the efficient, cost-effective document management and approval, It allows end users to keep track of what stage their request has made it to without having to track down several individuals.

This is a huge advantage for end users in saving time in creating and keeping track of their requisitions.

Key Benefits of Our Workflow Management System

Automates all processes required in completing requests by replace the traditional manual processes and paper works.

Visibility. Centralized tracking of requests enables full reporting on request and request items

Control. Full control on all requests with standardized approval processes and work flows.

Analysis. Electronically conducting your request approvals makes it easier to write and analyze reports on your systems, meaning you can ensure that your procedures conform to company policies.

Realtime Tracking. Accessible on-line allowing for an automated process to create request. There is minimal waiting when finalizing a requisition. The end user now has the capability to manage their own request, track requisition to know current status, approvals.

Key Features of Our Workflow Management System:

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Departments
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Intuitive & Dynamic Dashboards
  • Reports and Data Analytics
  • Custom Approval Matrix
  • Request Management Form
  • Customizable Request Creation Form
  • Memo Approval Workflow
  • Requisiton Approval Workflow
  • Expenses Approval Workflow
  • Payment Approval Workflow
  • Cash Advance Approval Workflow
  • Employee Confirmation Workflow
  • Device Receipt and Return Approval Workflow
  • Employee Request, Transfer Workflow
  • Employee Interview/Assessment Workflow
  • Employee Appraisal Workflow
  • Resources Access Approval Workflow
  • Vehicle Request/Repair Approval Workflow
  • Fault Analysis Á Certification Workflow
  • BYOD Authorization Approval Workflow
  • Reports and Data Analytics
  • Self Request Approval And Tracking
  • Pending Task Notification & Task Bar
  • Document Storage, Update, Signing, Merging and Security
  • Report and Activity/Audit Logs
  • Email Notifications
  • Data Security via Encruption and Access Control
  • Available on Cloud - Ready To Use Anytime, Anywhere
  • Customization Avaialble
  • Quick Deployment
  • 24/7 Technical Support

If you are ready to transform your business, ensure sustainabilty, improve performance and productivity, reduce cost of running business, track growth and gain insight, you are about to make the right choice. To get started contact us today or speak to our expert to discuss your project with us and also to request a quotation.

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